Old Man Steve

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 Barnyard Steve
aka  Uncle Hiram
aka  Steve Edward Austin


Steve Edward Austin is my grandfather.

He was in Vaudeville and played the Orpheum Vaudeville circuit.He had an "Act" and went by the name's " Barnyard Steve" and " Uncle Hiram and his animals".He also was on radio in Dallas,Texas on WFAA-AM "the Early Birds" morning program intermittently about five years.

He worked at the Walt Disney Studios where he supplied the voices of animals in many cartoons. 

For about 15 years he toured high schools in the United States and Mexico as a ventriloquist and animal imitator 

All the partners to their places, straighten up their faces for a Bill Green.?

I?ve been listening to old time country 78s (?Hillbilly?) for nearly 20 years, but I have bothered to collect only a few because so many of the recordings have been reissued on cd. This has always been a favorite record of mine, and as far as I know it has never been reissued. Unfortunately, it?s not in great condition and I?m always on the lookout for a cleaner copy, but this is the only one I?ve ever seen! Recorded 83 years and 2 days ago in Dallas, I think it?s the finest American old-time jaw harp playing on 78. I have no idea who Barnyard Steve really was, but I love how you can hear him imitating the dance rhythm of old-time fiddle bowing by using his breathing, rather than the striking of the harp?s tongue (or ?twanger? as some old timers call it). He even calls out square dance figures with the harp still clearly set against his teeth. It?s a shame that Barnyard Steve only made this single record. However, the flip side is a fantastic series of barnyard animal impressions, some of which are almost chilling.

  I never knew he did this recording until now

I got this information from :           http://shellachead.com/2012/06/28/377/